Episode 2 – Willie’s Brutal Truth

In the very second episode of Mettol Headlines you can hear news about EXTREME COLD WINTER, HAMMERHEART RECORDS, SAMMATH, ARISE FROM WORMS, INCANTATION, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, new horror black metal band VEILE, MEMORIAM, AUTARKH, PUPIL SLICER, THE MORNINGSIDE, BLESSED ALTAR ZINE, EYEHATEGOD, DANKO JONES, NOCTAMBULIST, A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS, ANTZAAT, BASEMENT CRITTERS, BRUTAL TRUTH, CACATORY, HORRENDOUS and VITRIOL. For all of you who are into EXTREME METAL, this is your new podcast! Every Friday, your host Tukker Ed Kampen & tech Willie Noarhoes bring you updates from the realm of extreme metal, so you don’t have to scroll through the socials all day. In short & fast episodes, we blast through: – Release announcements – New bands & collabs – Underground updates – Shows & tours (haha) – & more! Oldschool or newschool, in-your-face or avant-garde; if the metal is extreme in any way, you will hear about it here. So Tune in on your favorite platform and stay up-to-date with METTOL HEADLINES!

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Weekly headlines from the realm of extreme metal, brought to you by Tukker Ed Kampen and Willie Noarhoes.


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